CAA2013 Session – Archaeology and the Social Web

I am going to be chairing a session at the CAA2013 in Perth on Social Web and Archaeology.  If you would like to take part but have not submitted a proposal, please do get in contact with me. The deadline for proposals is very soon, so if you are planning to put in a proposal, get that abstract in via the OCS here:

S39. Archaeology and the Social Web

Format: Paper presentation (LP)

The social web is increasingly dominant in our daily experiences of the internet. In Archaeology, there is a need to explore the extent to which resources and spaces such as social networking platforms and social media tools can contribute to our practice.

This session aims to review the approaches that we as archaeologists have been developing to appropriate web tools and resources to improve all aspects of our work.

Projects such as utilising social media for public engagement for excavations, adopting social web approaches to the creation of user generated content for Archaeology, using social network accounts to raise profiles of archaeological organisations both commercial and academic, are welcome.

Topic covering theoretical approaches to understanding the impact that the Web more generally is having n the development and delivery of Archaeology are also encouraged.

Whilst it is difficult to predict how the web, and indeed the technologies with which we access it, will develop over the next five to ten years, it is clear with the increase in mobile device use and improvements in access to the Internet infrastructures, that the social web experience is here to stay.

Archaeology must continue to find its way in the social web, and indeed to contribute to the development of this aspect of the online world.