Social Media for Researchers – Workshop Writeup


Workshop Description

Last week I ran a workshop ‘Social Media for Researchers’ for the CITE group at the University of Southampton, which was great fun, despite the limited time that we had to talk about the issues covered. CITE are doing loads of cool stuff at the moment to raise awareness generally across the university within which I’m based around the use of technologies and I was really happy to work with them.

The idea behind the workshop was to begin to develop a pool of resources for staff and students alike to find out about the use of social media as researchers.  Through identifying areas where support is needed, a project could be put together to locate and link to already existing resources, but to also collect personal experiences with various social media from within and outside of the university.

I put together some slides designed to get people thinking about the kinds of issues relating to the use of social media that researchers come up against in their practice.  There were some great conversations around the different papers that I mentioned, and the group had much to say about the various issues that we discussed.


The slides from the presentation are available here:

The powerpoint is round-up of work that I have come across in the past six months that has informed my own approach to using social media in my research practice (not for my research; that’s another blog post!).

I refer to work by Joseph Thornley, Sarah Louise Quinnell, vitae (NorthWest hub), vitae and British Museum’s Digital Researcher project, Tim Kastelle, the University of York’s Research Impact project, the University of Bath’s Connected Researcher projectLSE Impact of Social Sciences group, and many other organisations and individuals.

There is a recording of the entire 2 hour workshop available here:

I imagine you don’t have a spare 2 hours (who does?!); there is a breakdown of the presentation on the lefthand side of the Coursecast, so that you can skip to the bits that are most relevant to you, .

The stack that has links to the resources that I have mentioned is available here:

I’m going to continue tweeting any follow-up resources under the hashtag #sotonsocmed and will add these to the delicious stack as I tweet them. So follow these if you are interested in this topic.


I’d like to say a big thank-you to the 30 or so workshop attendees, without your input, it wouldn’t have been the event that it was.

What happens next

We will be scheduling a follow-up workshop later in the summer to go through the strategy stuff that we ran out of time to cover in this first event, and will run another introductory workshop at the beginning of the next semester, so let me know if you want to be added to the list.  Both of these workshops will be half-day events, so that we have more time for discussion and cake eating!

If you would like to be involved in the project I’ve loosely outlined above, then drop me an email; I’d love to hear from you.