#CAA2014 – My tweets

My tweets (backwards):

  • via @jessogden – The #caa2014 Twitter archive is available here: http://t.co/ujEfcuWCYh With thanks to @mhawksey for the tool! #chatterboxes Apr 28, 2014 
  • @jadufton No worries! We had a great audience. I should have got my act together and remembered to ask you to do it! N x @eleonorag1 Apr 28, 2014 
  • @GCBeale aw, thanks [blushes]. Well done to @eleonorag1 for refocussing my ramblings! Apr 28, 2014 
  • @nofRETRO @urbanlegendshu @UIS_StudyAbroad Thanks for the include. Apr 28, 2014 
  • @CSHoggard, I’m not sure how Portus got on with it, if they have done it yet. @Peter__Wheeler or @GraemeEarl can help maybe? Apr 28, 2014 
  • Home after a month away on fieldwork in Canada w. @SFU Dept of #FirstNations Studies & then #caa2014 in Paris. Blog posts on both to follow! Apr 28, 2014 
  • Should it be the #caaconference community that defines the major challenges for #digitalarchaeology? How would we do this? # caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • Importance of the experiential for people. Like reenactments & computer games. Is it realism or narrative that we need to focus on? #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • The idea of staged authenticity. CarlaMudge making a good point abt how digital objects make people want to see the real one again. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • Stuart Jeffries: with model creation. We need to get involved in coproduction. And not assume that we know what people want. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • LOVE: Stuart Jeffries on replicas-The void/sanitising effect btwn recording&producing digital objects. Break in chain of proximity. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • #stuartjeffries giving an excellent #grandchallenge on what the visualisation of archaeology will mean for the discipline in 25yrs. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • @CSHoggard @GCBeale Good point! I think it has! DanJoyce and @Peter__Wheeler were considering that at #BasingHouse last year. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • RT @jessogden: Here’s the coin hoard ‘virtual excavation’ described by @DrPaulReilly from @ArchCRG and @James_E_Miles #caa2014 http://t.co/… Apr 25, 2014 
  • @DrPaulReilly on the shift from being digital archaeology specialists to being advisors. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • @DrPaulReilly showing ‘excavation’ of a Roman coin hoard within a pot using CT scanning and 3D printing at #caa2014. Carried out by @ArchCRG Apr 25, 2014 
  • @DrPaulReilly Additive manufacturing file has similar data format desc to context record. Potential 4 preservation of archaeo data. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • @DrPaulReilly at #caa2014 2nd case study is Additive Manufacturing Techniques, – 3D printing. Showing beautiful 3D prints of TIN data. Apr 25, 2014 
  • RT @ArchaeologistSP: Come to “What do you want from Digital Archaeology?” at 2pm w Beale, Murrieta, Dallas, Jeffrey, Huggett, Lock, Reilly,… Apr 25, 2014 
  • @GCBeale at #caa2014 With #RTI developing WITHIN archaeology. Disruption of traditional role of technology on archaeological practice. Apr 25, 2014 
  • @GCBeale at #caa2014 presenting the case study of the intro of imaging technologies. #RTI developing WITHIN archaeology. Apr 25, 2014 
  • Thing about virtual archaeology is that it is the process of introducing technology to the discipline. @gcbeale & @DrPaulReilly at #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • The spirit of virtual archaeology is the intersection btwn archaeological practice & technology. @gcbeale and @DrPaulReilly at #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • @DrPaulReilly & @GCBeale talking about how the term virtual archaeology came about 25 years ago. Ampith 2A #CAA2014 http://t.co/i15US0fcbF Apr 25, 2014 
  • @jessogden @IntarchEditor @ArchaeologistSP Session is: R1. What do you want from Digital Archaeology? 2pm in room S02. Come along! #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • @stueve I can neither deny nor confirm your hypothesis. Apr 25, 2014 
  • Excited to hear @GCBeale & @DrPaulReilly’s presentation (up in 5 mins in Ampi 2B) on readdressing the idea of virtual archaeology. #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • Well done @PfuetzeEnte ! I’m so sorry I missed it! xxxxxxx Apr 25, 2014 
  • @James_E_Miles @PortusProject Argh! I wish I was there! I’m in the History of Archaeology session. Go @PfuetzeEnte! #caa2014 Apr 25, 2014 
  • Apologies for radio silence yesterday and this morning. #phonedied. #caa2014 #caacomarch Apr 25, 2014 
  • #caacomarch #caa2014 @Chiara_Bonacchi Developments for #micropasts Sound very exciting! Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caacomarch #caa2014 @Chiara_Bonacchi #micropasts components: cataloguing, community forum, & crowd funding platform. Apr 24, 2014 
  • If you’ve not come across #micropasts yet, community platform is here http://t.co/jGU9UVrsH7 #caacomarch #caa2014 @Chiara_Bonacchi Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caacomarch #caa2014, @Chiara_Bonacchi introing #MicroPasts <-amazing idea. Funding projects. Not just academic ones. Mixed groups of users Apr 24, 2014 
  • Now up at #caacomarch #caa2014, @Chiara_Bonacchi on observations of crowdsourcing & crowdfunding projects. Already estd academic projects Apr 24, 2014 
  • Jeffrey Glover at #caacomarch #caa2014 and Ian Johnson introing #Heurist online, multiuser database. Apr 24, 2014 
  • JeffreyGlover at #caacomarch #caa2014. MARTA proj -Common problem of working with legacy data not intended for purpose now being used for. Apr 24, 2014 
  • Jeffrey Glover up now at #caacomarch #caa2014 talking about the Atlanta project to put objects online using own source web db Apr 24, 2014 
  • RT @eleonorag1: Community archaeology session with @nicoleebeale just started, you can’t miss it!!! #S12 roomS01 #caa2014 #caacomarch http:… Apr 24, 2014 
  • @IntarchEditor only if you want to! Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caa2014 #caacomarch Kris Lockyear, on the benefits of specialist skills brought to your project by community archaeology volunteers. Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caa2014 #caacomarch Kris Lockyear, it’s about groups getting the unis to help them not the other way round. http://t.co/Pu7SVV1yA4 Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caamassive audience. @eleonorag1 and I are chairing the community archaeology and tech session in this same room, S01 after lunch. #caa2014 Apr 24, 2014 
  • Ditto @eleonorag1’s point: For @archsecrets fans, see @UoSFLPortus #MOOC. Fieldwork & online archaeological skills: http://t.co/hFeXe1b3H3 Apr 24, 2014 
  • So @GCBeale, sounds like this would be massively useful 4 #VirtualArchaeology stuff from yesterday where focus was on the visual? #caa2014 Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caa2014 #caamassive. The gamification of MOOC experience. Worth (money & personal) of certificate at the end. Important to acknowledge this Apr 24, 2014 
  • @GCBeale Sounds great! #caa2014 Sorry I’m missing your paper, @CatrionaCooper! Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caa2014 #caamassive. Using a range of social platforms means that u are spreading efforts, but that users can use what suits their learning Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caa2014 #caamassive. How to get your institution to buy in to #MOOCs that aren’t ‘delivering’ in HE impact/eval way: It’s a public service! Apr 24, 2014 
  • #caa2014 #caamassive discuss. How to encourage (& assess) users who don’t want to b ‘learners’ but want to participate in the social stuff. Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. The impact of #MOOC – learners going on to continue to engage w archaeology. Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. If you found that useful (of course!), u absolutely MUST follow @archsecrets Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. Capturing uni researcher knowledge as a fab side effect of content production Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. Ensuring that as ur users change, ur cultural references are understandable. Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. Keeping those registered users active. Impressive geographic spread of users. Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. The thing noone ever talks abt: Disparity btwn registered users & active ones Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. The challenge of engaging students online. Tying into other SNS like FB. Apr 24, 2014 
  • @mugedurusu @salcocks @jadufton #adls in #caa2014 #caamassive. Giving open review of their recent #MOOC experience. Tools & methods insights Apr 24, 2014 
  • Now up at #caa2014 #caamassive, @jadufton on the #jiaaw #BrownUniversity #MOOC. Been looking forward to this one! Fab use of video content Apr 24, 2014 
  • @jessogden @jadufton Feeling that! + #toomuchcoffee Apr 24, 2014 
  • @jadufton Same problem here! Flying Canada to Paris and keeping up the caa pace is proving a little challenging! But lovely of course! Apr 24, 2014 
  • @tombrughmans @Crystalsafadi @jessogden @jadufton @philriris Goodness. That WOULD be nerve-wracking! It would max the stress to 100%. Apr 24, 2014 
  • Thanks @jadufton! In my previous tweets, for #KathrynGrossman, read instead #CatherineKenyon. #caa2014 #caamassive Whoops. #latenight Apr 24, 2014 
  • #KathyrnGrossman on @oimuseum’s #Blackboard #museum #arthistory learning modules. #caa2014 #caamassive https://t.co/BweDmGasCN Useful tips. Apr 24, 2014 
  • #KathrynGrossman in #caa2014 #caamassive with useful insights into building accessible cultural heritage paid online education modules w HE. Apr 24, 2014 
  • @IntarchEditor I know! Kathryn Grossman (Bradley Uni) is speaking at the moment. #caamassive #caa2014 I don’t think Kathryn is on twitter. Apr 24, 2014 
  • Excellent opp: All students at #caa2014, don’t forget to tell esc@caaconference.org to consider you for Nick Ryan Bursary #caaBursary Apr 24, 2014 
  • @tombrughmans @Crystalsafadi @jessogden @jadufton @philriris If only I’d known, I would have given a paper! I’m sessioning & roundtabling. Apr 24, 2014 
  • Making decisions abt how scalable & sustainable project is going 2be. Being honest from outset abt future – @Pargrave #caa2014 #caamassive Apr 24, 2014 
  • Excellent presentation on this fab mobile walking tour: http://t.co/lf1Lt6pGbr by @Pargrave in #caa2014 #caamassive giving fantastic advice. Apr 24, 2014 
  • #ca2014 is rocking #caamassive. @portableant @trowelblazers and @dayofarch #MOOC and #virtualexhibition all in one morning! Great stuff! Apr 24, 2014 
  • RT @ArchaeologistSP: Myself & @nicoleebeale are leading CPD – professional courses on social media for heritage & archaeology. Join us! htt… Apr 23, 2014 
  • RT @the_archive: UK: Short Courses on Heritage and Conservation at York by @ArchaeologistSP @nicoleebeale http://t.co/w2e0gkOvRo Apr 23, 2014 
  • #PaulReilly on virtual archaeology as generative concept: Intersection btwn archaeological practice & tech. #CAA2014 http://t.co/KwpT8J0hWA Apr 23, 2014 
  • “Virtual archaeology is about connecting archaeologists and specialists.” I’m in the #VirtualArchaeology #CAA2014 session Apr 23, 2014 
  • Useful #CAA2014 intro to #ADS-easy (w. #SWORDARM). Here: http://t.co/lL3Nv2ZfZd Streamlining archive deposit planning. Thanks @ADS_update! Apr 23, 2014 
  • The #colonialwilliamsburg live excavation webcams and blog is here: http://t.co/SlYUM2Xrle As presented by Lisa Fischer at #CAA2014 Apr 23, 2014 
  • RT @arctic_encount: Compelling and much-needed 2-day workshop next week on impact & relevance in academic research http://t.co/XFlBTUBt4t @… Apr 23, 2014 
  • I love the lifelong learning part to the #colonialwilliamsburg online excavation project. #CAA2014 Followers get skilled up whilst engaging. Apr 23, 2014 
  • Lisa Fischer at #CAA2014 on the excellent #Colonialwilliamsburg project to engage new audiences online with excavations on site. Brilliant. Apr 23, 2014 
  • RT @jessogden: MT @CAA2014Paris: The CAA badge will give you free access to the @MuseeLouvre and the National museum of archaeology till Su… Apr 23, 2014 
  • @IntarchEditor saying: What are the rewards (I.e. fab re-use instances) for those publishing data? #CAA2014 – Great point! Apr 23, 2014 
  • @IntarchEditor tells the room, data publication shouldn’t be an excuse not to publish research findings, but should augment them. #CAA2014 Apr 23, 2014 
  • Great point by @IntarchEditor on usefulness of #ORCID (used by #intarch) to distinguish btwn researchers. http://t.co/TorNVvkuuS #CAA2014 Apr 23, 2014 
  • I saw this @patymurrieta, and thought you or @TrinkerMedia might want to organise something as Mexico is listed. http://t.co/7mw9kAX9fp Apr 23, 2014 
  • A full room for #CAA2014 @IntarchEditor’s talk on data publications for #IntArch. Been looking forward to this! http://t.co/LGnoVnVNxv Apr 23, 2014 
  • It seems #caaparis is less popular than #caa2014, so I’m gonna go with that for the days ahead! Apr 23, 2014 
  • I’m at #CAAParis. @CAA2014Paris, is that the #? @gcbeale of the @CDHYork is up in the virtual archaeology session. http://t.co/w37ECsSwSL Apr 23, 2014 
  • Don’t forget to follow #SAA2014, from now! #archaeology #ArchCRG #sotonDH Apr 23, 2014 
  • PhD opp: AHRC funded. Looks great! With RCA. http://t.co/EOF9SeavR8 #datavis #dataviz #ArchCRG #sotonDH #CDHyork Apr 23, 2014 

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