#DE2012 Session 3B: Network Analysis

I tweeted this session, see below:

Peter Laflin (Alexander V. Mantzaris, Desmond Higham, Peter Grindrod, Fiona Ainley, Amanda Otley): Twitter’s Big Hitters

@systemspeter of @bloomagency talking about the #de2012 tweets at #de2012. Exposure to tweets. Top tweeters.
We’re on @systemspeter‘s screen at #de2012. Does this mean we’re famous, @graemeearl?
@OMcGee82 @DrPhilipEly @clareclare18 I just got made into a node in front of everyone… feeling very two-dimensional right now.
@systemspeter‘s presentation from #de2012 is here: http://www.slideshare.net/bloomagencyleeds/measuring-influence-at-de2012 … Thanks for sharing!
MT: @DrPhilipEly http://ow.ly/1P9GOv  of Nan Lin’s work #de2012 on network theory of social capital <– Just looked; That IS useful. Thanks!
RT @BloomAgency: For all those interested in #de2012, more information about our talk and our presentation is available here http://bit.ly/WIQCRf 
RT: @GraemeEarl: A: #de2012 correlation influence + meaning spreading requires further debate < e.g at #websci13 see CfP http://bit.ly/Vu6CY6 
Interesting to compare @systemspeter‘s visualisations of influencers in twitter at #de2012 with #leaderboarded results https://www.leaderboarded.com/de2012 

Michael Yip (Nigel Shadbolt, Thanassis Tiropanis, Craig Webber): The Digital Underground Economy. A Social Network Approach to Understanding Cybercrime

@michael_yip is talking about the world of #cybercrime at #de2012, and what #SNA#socialnetworkanalysis – can offer. Better to use more.
@michael_yip on #cybercrime at #de2012 uses social psychology, criminology, network science to understand activities and relationships.
@michael_yip on #cybercrime at #de2012. Some real insights here. Looking at conversations in #cardingforums. Pulling out theme of regret.
@michael_yip on #cybercrime at #de2012. Some quotes on individuals’ justification of deviancy and the communities’ moral boundaries.
@michael_yip on #cybercrime at #de2012, gives a great example of some qualitative analysis on forum data.
@michael_yip on #cybercrime at #de2012 findings: NOT a scale free network. Rich club phenomenon doesnt exist.
@michael_yip on #cybercrime at #de2012. Find him at http://iamresearcher.com/profiles/michael_yip … Next stage: Can we predict/model these network behaviours?
We’ve added the links to @michael_yip & the rest of the #unisouthampton #de2012 gang at: http://storify.com/nicoleebeale/university-of-southampton-at-de2012 … Inc. presentations & posters.

James Goulding (Gavin Smith, Duncan Barrack): Neo-Demographics and Distributions in the Digital Shadow

James Goulding #de2012 The #digitalshadow, Faced w huge data substrate passively being created abt us. Think #OysterCard, #BankTransactions.
James Goulding #de2012 – In Human Behaviour data is our atoms. The scale & the shape of the data has changed. Different to Scientific data.
JamesGoulding neo-demograpics #de2012. Heavy long fat tail. No normal gaussian distributions (I don’t know what that is, but sounds good!).

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