Lifelong Learning, Archaeology and the Web

My husband, Gareth Beale, and I designed a lifelong learning module at the end of last semester which we began teaching last week.  The course runs for 12 weeks and aims to give learners an introduction to the different skills that archaeologists use to research into the archaeology of a place/event/person/object.

The module is called Urban Archaeology.

Urban Archaeology Blog. Come join in the conversation!

I thought I’d share a few thoughts here, and I’ve try to write a couple of reflective reports as the course is taught.

The module is made up of ten topics, and has a case study of the local geographic area within which the university campus is based, as a way of focussing the implementation of the skills covered in each session.

We have a blog for the module that we are uploading materials from each session into at the end of each week.  So please do follow along if you are interested in seeing what we’re covering, and also in how the module is delivered:

The blog aims to augment the work that is done in class by reiterating any content that was taken to the lesson, but also by containing reflective write-ups from Gareth and me at the end of each session, plus any findings about the case study that were carried out by the learners during the class.

We’re really interested to see how the blog develops, and also I’d love to use the posts to create something tangible at the end of the module, to give to the learners.  I’m envisioning some sort of handbook, printed directly from the blog, which incorporates everything we covered, but more: e.g. additional resources online, further reading, and learners’ experiences.

Anyway, watch this space! No idea how its going to pan out, but as long as those enrolled on the module enjoy the experience, and we can share some of our lessons learned at the end of the semester, we’ll be very happy.


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